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Latest Technology Used At A Modern Assisted Living Facility

Modern technology seems to facilitate assisted living homes across the country. Sensors, senior-focused social networks, and GPS devices are some of the latest gadgets that help seniors continue to live at home. With the home healthcare market poised to improve in the coming years, it is important that one has a good idea of the essential technological gadgets required for an assisted living facility. Here are some of the latest gadgets used at a modern assisted living facility.

Many senior living communities have integrated the latest technological programs into the lives of their inmates. This helps keep seniors connected, physically safe, and mentally active most of the time. Today's seniors have Facebook accounts to connect with their children and grandchildren. They also use iPad apps to play Solitaire, Scrabble, and other popular games in order to engage their minds. Tablets and iPads are important technological gadgets for seniors. They have various apps to promote brain fitness and track health information. A senior can listen to his/her favorite music, learn a new language, view photos, and read using a tablet. Today's devices are lightweight and come with easy to use touch screens. The font size and resolution can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the senior.

Video games have shown to improve mental agility, cognition, and other important mental functions of seniors. On the other hand, devices such as Wii-Fit helps improve the physical health of a senior. Also, video games are important to improve social interaction. Large flat screen TVs are another important gadget in a senior assisted living facility. These devices make it easier to engage the senior since the picture is quite large and the sound could be adjusted to accommodate hearing loss.

A modern assisted living facility should be internet-ready with wireless internet. It offers so many benefits to a senior assisted living facility. Computers for seniors come with large buttons and easy to read screens. The ability for a senior to connect with his/her loved ones via the internet helps make his/her day. There are also other technological gadgets such as:
  • MobileHelp - This is a GPS mobile personal emergency response system. The senior can summon emergency help at any time using this gadget.
  • TabSafe - This is a medication management system that reminds and dispenses up to 13 medications required by the senior. The pharmacist or caregiver can insert the medications into separate cartridges to be dispensed at the correct time.

The aforementioned article provides information on the latest technology used at a modern assisted living facility.